Is Strep Throat Contagious?

strep throatIs strep throat contagious? You may ask yourself about this if you or one of your family members is infected by the disease in order to avoid being contaminated. Strep throat is the colloquial name for the streptococcus disease that affects the throat and the tonsils. The medical condition is caused by the A streptococcus bacteria which are responsible for the manifestations of streptococcal disorders. This condition is a highly contagious disease which can be transmitted in just 24 hours following treatment. Its contagious period is very fast for its incubation period is only 24 hours. When this medical condition is not treated, it will remain contagious and can be transmitted quickly through sneeze and cough.  The strain of bacteria responsible for the infection is mainly found in the nose and throat area.

The symptoms that are manifested physically include high fever, lymph nodes that are inflamed and with observed tenderness, experience difficulty in swallowing food and loss of appetite. Your throat may also suffer from rashes and white patches which are painful and makes it difficult to swallow. The area of the mouth and the throat of the patient where the infection is rampant will manifest redness when a doctor opens the patient’s mouth. This practice is a form of medical examination of the infected area but samples of the affected area may also be extracted for laboratory diagnosis, depending to the medical examiner that examines the patient. Samples from the affected area like the mouth and the throat will be extracted by the medical practitioner using sterile swaps and then a culture will follow after. In order to confirm the bacteria that cause the illness, sensitivity test is performed. The sensitivity test will last for two days at least to validate all the results, when the confirmation has arrived prescription will follow. The symptoms are easily manageable with proper medications.

streptoccocus bacteriaAntibiotics are the basic form of medication for the treatment of the condition. Antibiotics come in different forms like injectable or in the form of capsules but it will greatly depend on the palatability. Capsules are effective in the treatment of the medical condition when the patient will take it in its usual dosage in a continuous basis which lasts for ten days without neglect. The effects of antibiotics as treatment are known to be quick. Patients who use antibiotics will start to recover in a span of just 24 hours after the intake of the first dosage. In order to prevent the disease from transmitting to other people and as a form of precaution, patients who are taking the medication should stay inside their homes until the 24 hours is due. Quarantine of oneself is also advisable to avoid strep throat contagious scenarios. If you are working and you are now suffering from it, it is best that you call your boss and take a leave. You should also use your own utensils and wash them in hot water and disinfectant right after you use them. You should also make sure that you are not sharing your basic dressing like handkerchief and napkins to prevent the transmission of the disease. You should cover your mouth and your nose when you cough or sneeze to ensure that no mucus or fluid droplets will be exposed that may infect others. In short, you must be clean and hygienic when you are under this condition. Frequent hand washing is also a must to avoid the spread of the disease to other people.

Strep throat is different from sore throat. Viruses can cause sore throat and this condition is often associated coughing, running nose and sneezing. Compared to strep throat, sore throat has the potential to cure itself without any trouble. But in cases where strep throat is manifested, patients should visit their doctors immediately in order for the proper medication and powerful drug be prescribed to you to deal with their medical condition. Bacteria tend to cultivate everywhere due to its stubborn nature. This stubborn nature allows the microbes to cultivate itself and may have the potential to create a greater resistance to the drug in the time being.

Strep throat is a highly contagious disease which indicates that an individual whose immune system is weak is prone in acquiring the disease and get infected. The disease will take three days to as long as one week to manifest itself after the person is exposed to the bacteria that cause the condition. Antibiotics are the best medications for the treatment of the medical condition. Infected individuals can also apply natural forms of medications like gargling of warm water with salt, concoctions of apple cider and apple juice or drinking of herbal tea. But the best cure for this medical condition is to prevent the infection from transmitting to other people. Is strep throat contagious? Well it will depend on your vigilance when it comes to your well-being and medical condition.

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