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Strep throat is an infection that affects the throat caused by the bacterial strain A streptococcus. This condition is different from sore throat despite the similarities in symptoms like inflammation of the throat. This medical condition is very common in children and teenagers but adults are also vulnerable to it. In adults, it commonly infects women than men. The symptoms include pain in the stomach, high fever and inflammation of the tonsils. The identification of this medical condition is very important for several reasons. This bacterial throat infection is easily manageable compared to other causes that are responsible for the manifestation of sore throat. The bacterial strain responsible to the throat infection quickly responds to antibiotics, and the medication stops the transmission of the bacterial infection to other individuals. You can see strep throat pictures for you to be familiar of the general characteristics of the disease.

Strep Throat Stage 1There are many complications that may occur in association to the condition and the well-known medical condition associated to the disease is Scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is a condition where rashes are developed on the lower part of the abdomen and then spreads to the trunk from the focal point of the disease. The rashes developed from Scarlet fever manifest red bumps with a consistency rate like that of sandpaper. In order to prevent other serious complications of the bacterial throat infection, do not take it for granted for a long time and should be treated once the symptoms persist.

Strep Throat Stage 2Diagnosis is it is done by doctors. The doctor will extract samples from the throat for strep test. The swab culture will undergo strep test in order to determine the existence of antibodies against the bacterial strain that cause the medical condition. A secondary swab culture is necessary when the result of the rapid test turns out to be negative and especially when most of the symptoms manifest. The symptoms include white patches and redness in the throat, difficulty in swallowing food, tender feeling of the lymph nodes, inflammation of the tonsils, pain in the lower part of the abdomen, headache, high fever, uncomfortable feeling, complete loss of appetite, rashes and nausea.

The throat of an individual which is infected by the bacterial throat infection will manifest white patches and redness. This condition will make him or her difficult to swallow foods or even drinking. White patches are common in throat infections which taste unpleasant and responsible for bad breathe. It is a harmless condition and most of them are temporary.

Strep Throat Stage 3With treatment or no treatment at all, it will not progress and will go away in a week duration. Antibiotics are the main recourse of doctors in the treatment although the drugs make you well in a gradual manner. The drug limits the duration from which you can transmit it to other people and it also reduce the risk of the infection to be spread to other body parts. Antibiotics are harmful to bacteria, helping patients to recover faster from the disease. Aside from the well-known benefits of antibiotics to the treatment of it, the drug also helps in the prevention of more serious medical conditions that patients suffering from this might acquire. It is very essential that patients with the illness to visit their doctor regularly in order for them to provide you with the appropriate medications.

Strep Throat Stage 4Being more prevalent in children, the condition can be stopped from spreading if you carefully keep the utensils they use. Parents should separate their children’s eating utensils, drinking glasses and their dishes to avoid the transmission of the disease to the other members of the family. Use disinfectant when you are cleaning the personal utensils of your sick child and wash them with hot water. Parents should also make sure that the personal dressing of their infected children like handkerchief, napkins or towels will be used exclusively by them. Public use of the personal things of persons with it is the most common way of transmitting and spreading of the disease. Sharing of food and drinks is also prohibited. When sneezing or coughing, make sure that the mouth and nose of your child is covered to avoid fluid droplets to be transferred to other people which may be later infected with the same medical condition. You should also dispose the toothbrush of your child when he or she has started the antibiotics treatment and when the condition is not anymore contagious.

Human ThroatSimple and effective home remedies that you can apply for the illness. One of these remedies is the chamomile tea. Quick relief for throat pain is provided by the tea due to its analgesic properties. You should also avoid cold or hot drinks when you have strep throat. Soft foods are the best for you to avoid further irritation of your throat. It is also important for you to familiarize yourself of the condition by simply looking at strep throat pictures. This simple way of knowledge acquisition on strep throat will save you more time in the treatment of your condition.

Video by dr. Suzan Gladrian

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