Strep Throat Rash – How to Handle with It

Strep Rash is also known as scarlatina, it usually happens when a strep throat is present. A strep throat is an infection in the throat that is caused by Streptococcus bacteria. If you have this problem the usual symptoms are: frequent chills, super high fever, sore throat, irritated, headache, red-making swallowing and difficulty in drinking and eating, enlarge of tonsils and maybe covered in white or yellow spots/coating and swollen glands.

The Streptococus bacteria release toxins that cause the Strep Throat Rash. When the body reacts to these toxins it causes allergy to the body, it starts in the neck until it reaches the body. There is a big possibility that these various bacteria spreads in other parts of the body. Strep rash or scarlatina is mainly due to strep throat. Strep throat rash are normally observed in the children within the age of five to fifteen years of age. In every child they may not have the scarlet fever to the rash. These infections are contagious and it easily spread throughout contacts with persons or by air when they sneezes or coughs. So if you know someone with this type of disease it is better to avoid contact or if you heard them sneeze or cough cover your mouth fast. In some people they use gas mask when they are surrounded by people with this kind of disease. If you don’t want to have this infection better start an immediate medication to stop the spread of the disease. The infection would last for about five to seven days and the skin starts to peel and will continue for several days more. The other symptoms of the strep throat which has been observed in the patient are swelling in the throat and a change in the skin colour and tongue mostly it turns red. Some children are most likely to experience vomiting and pain the abdomen. A red rash might also appear in their abdomen and the other sides of the chest.

The rash caused by the condition has several ways to diagnose one of these are through blood test, throat culture test and DNA test. The treatment may include some of the antibiotics like amoxicillin, pencillin and clindamycin. For some patients the use of the antibiotics is already a relief to their disease but for some who doesn’t being cured by these antibiotics they need the doctor’s advice. If you are infected by this infection you need to drink hot soup and warm water and soothing effects. You should never neglect this type of disease because it may lead to meningitis or rheumatic fever. If that happens it would cause you more trouble. The infections maybe because of the dairy products or contaminated foods you eat every day. Better take care of the foods you eat and make sure you eat the proper diet. Eating the right kind of foods is not just good for you but also it is needed by your body, for your body to function properly. If the body can do their normal function rest assure that there is a less chance for you to get this kind of disease.

This kind of disease is most like to be observed in the people during spring and winter season. According to some specialist the medication treatment for this disease should be taken for at least a minimum of 10 days to get a complete relief. In some patient when they take medication in just several days once they notice that they are slowly being cured already they automatically stop the medication. That is wrong because for someone taking medication it is not enough that you are cured fast, the important is that you consume the right dosage of the medicine that your doctor gave you. Some bacteria are not yet gone maybe they are just sleeping or hiding so you are not yet totally healed, from the moment you stop the medication they will come back and maybe this time much stronger. This is one of the side effects that will happen to you because of not taking the medication properly. The best thing to do is consult your doctor and make sure you follow the right order.

There are some various home remedies that could also work well to treat your strep throat rash you can also try them. Instead of using milk you can use honey tea or fresh lemon. You can also use the combination of warm water and rock salt, just mix them and stir well then gargle for at least 6 times a day. This is a great help especially if you are just starting to feel the symptoms. Don’t let the children take hot liquids or even suck hard candies only the adults can do that. A vaporizer can also help you in giving relief and you will also enjoy the soothing effect.

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