Strep Throat Symptoms for Early Prevention

strep throat symptomsStrep throat is an infection caused by the A streptococcus bacteria which primarily attacks the throat. This medical condition is easily transmittable through sneeze, cough or just a handshake from an infected individual. The disease arises during the winter season because the cold weather condition awakens the dormant strep bugs that are responsible for this disease. It affects people of all ages but is more prevalent among children. It is easy to diagnose and can be treated with antibiotics and analgesics medications. It also needs suitable treatment and special medical attention for it is a serious disease that can lead to life threatening complications.

The bacteria that cause strep throat can easily be transferred from one person to another due to its airborne characteristic. It will take its due course in a matter of hours or days without any exception. Even if you are a person with impeccable hygiene, you are not safe from this highly contagious disease. In this condition, anyone contaminated by the bacteria should take extra caution due to the potential of inflicting damage to other organs of the body like the heart and the joints.

Some strep throat symptoms are similar to that of sore throat. Inflammation of the throat, coughing pain and discomfort in the throat, tonsils which are inflamed, poor appetite, nausea and fatigue are among them. These may cause swelling in the throat in the form of irritation or persistent pain. You may also experience swallowing difficulty, pain while swallowing or nasal congestion. Although the warning signs of the two conditions are similar in nature, these signs should not be taken for granted. These indications should be checked and monitored seriously because of the potential development of other complications that may result to other serious diseases like rheumatic fever and kidney infections.

The most common symptoms are like of those in sore throat like But the most serious are more intense which include inflammation and swelling of the throat, high fever, tonsil swelling and inflammation, difficulties in swallowing, swelling of the lymph nodes, there is also the manifestation of white patches inside the throat, irritable stomach, rashes, throwing up and diarrhea. Most them are manageable and not that serious. Proper medications should be administered upon their manifestation in order for the condition to be relieved within the first onset.

Strep throat symptoms that are considered emergencies are the following: breathing difficulty, high fever, swallowing difficulty, severe dehydration, bleeding of the throat which is sometimes accompanied with pus and swelling of the neck. These indications should not be taken for granted and need quick medical attention. If you are manifesting any of these, it is better to visit your doctor immediately because the bacteria that cause the illness is serious in nature. Permanent connection with your doctor and informing him or her regarding the progression of your condition are very important in order for you to monitor your health. You should also avoid sharing your utensils with any member of your family to prevent the disease from contaminating them. It is better that you isolate yourself if you are suffering from the disease and take the proper medications.

throat painYou should not take any medication without a prescription from the doctor for it may develop other complications. If you tend to take any medications, there is a tendency for you to take any medicine and you will forget all about it until your condition has developed into a more serious illness. Rashes are produced by this bacterium which are more prominent in other individuals. Even if the manifested strep throat symptoms are not life threatening, seeking advice from professionals helps you understand the condition. Strep throat can be managed in just 4 days with proper treatment with antibiotics. If your condition begins to worsen and these seem to persist, it is best to consult your doctor for him or her to change the treatment.

These strep throat symptoms can easily be managed through home remedies like peppermint, lemon juice or apple juice. A humidifier is also advisable for those patients who experience dryness of their throat. Exposure to cold weather and cold things, areas which are full of dust, and should gargle warm water in a regular basis until the irritated throat has recovered. You should always follow your doctor’s advice and take his prescribed medication for the proper healing of your condition. You should always monitor your condition using strep test and then with strep culture.

In order for you to avoid acquiring the disease especially during the winter season, you should take adequate rest, sanitizing your hand regularly, avoiding stress and you should stay away from infected individuals. If these signs persist, you should call your doctor. When you have done all these, you will be sure that you are now on the safer side.

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